Now, people are looking for prosperous and safety society, also secured and comfortable lifestyle.
Fundamental review of its structure is mandatory to achieve and it will require various efforts.
We think re-evaluation of economic and market works is especially important.

In the economic environment surrounding us, the way of business which place value on “The cheaper the better.” has been majority. It created deflationary economy and opposite direction contrary to our hope for society and lifestyle. Though companies are seeking to work in close cooperation with different industries, it could be interfered by barriers in corporate organizations.

We consider social responsibility such as job and market creation by developing novelty products will be more important in future business.

Our desire is to be a bridge company to link people, enterprise, and society.


OS group started as a movie theater screen manufacturer in 1953.
We became a leading group company in the industries as a comprehensive AI (AV×IoE) system company which manufactures and sales not only projection screens used in the field of education and corporate training, but other products also such as digital signage utilizing our technologies of screen.