Everywhere Generator Everywhere Storage

As long as the sunlight exists, generation is available everywhere

Under difficult circumstances such as living at an evacuation shelter, our solar sheet charger will be a great help to get electricity. It does not occupy space like glass substrate type photovoltaic cell since it can be rolled up.
Very light, excellent durability, hard to broken, easy to carry.
Easy to install, no support structure is necessary. Safe, no worry about electric shock due to the low voltage deign.

Rechargeable everywhere

Excellent quietness, does not pollute the air, and available for anytime, everywhere.
No more worry about shortage of fuel as it stores the electricity generated by photovoltaic cell.

High quality recognized globally
Mobile solar set (photovoltaic sheet and battery) proved its ability at the Manaslu peak (Nepal 8163m elevation) expedition by mountain climber Ken Noguchi in the fall of 2019.

Clean energy products development for disaster prevention / disaster reduction / BCP

Battery is necessary to use the electricity generated by photovoltaic.
Solar sheets match a variety of low/high-capacity batteries for use are available.
Upon consideration of emergency management, it is important “self-help, mutual help, public help” is to be clarified each role and complement one another.
Why not have one or more product (set of solar sheet & battery) to prepare against natural disasters? We will be happy to show you the most appropriate product fits your demand.


Prepare against natural disaster by smallest organization at home or small offices

For self-help
Sets of solar sheet & charger

Charging with no power supply is possible by photovoltaic sheet. Sets for personal use combined portable charger and LED light allow phone charging and securing illumination.  Best option for emergency/natural disaster.

Mutual Help

To prepare for emergency to protect the areas cooperating among neighbors

For mutual Help
Portable Solar Charger Set

Public Help

Measures for emergency and recovery by the authorities which maintain public utilities.

For public Help
Movable batteries

Movable batteries can be used under severe conditions at the area with no power source such as construction site and farmland.
Tough, lightest in its class (18Kg), waterproof (IP65 waterproof performance)
No need to open the lid during the use.
Rechargeable with solar sheet (sold separately)