Smart city created by TerraSerde

Smart city created by TerraSerde

One of our products the self-powered pole generates electricity by the solar sheet and store it in the batteries. The electricity can be used for a variety of applications such as monitoring camera, meteorological observatory equipment, and Wi-Fi station even in off-grid areas.

The self-powered pole actualizes a smart city concept towards a carbon-neutral society.

Independent power not requiring commercial supply Next platform of power supply

Our self-powered pole is independent source with no electrical work. It provides various purposes by using electricity which generated by the solar sheet and stored in the batteries.

Let’s bring the world hope!
Lighting the off-grid areas by TerraSerde

There are many areas with short power in the world.
Renewable energy has been featured as a solution for people who are forced to live an inconvenient life due to its potential.
TerraSerde will be a great help with the solar generation system for people in the area power supply is unstable to obtain prosperous life: social infrastructure such as street lights, communication, and also charging smart phone.

Solar street light in Nigeria

Solar sheets were offered to Mauritania by United Nations’ project.