Clean Energy Business

Electric Generation/Storage of Unlimited Photovoltaic Energy

We are engaged in manufacturing the products solar energy is used for disaster measures under the theme of popularizing the portable/temporary products of low/mid power solar panel.
Based on three core pillars: “design and manufacturing OS brand items”, “ODM supply”, and “semi-finished goods”, we accept orders for small-lot production as per customer requirement.
Aiming to be a domestic EMS company with flexibility, we bring “relief, safety, and comfortableness” to the society.

Three Core Pillars

Generate electricity by solar sheet and store it to battery units


A brand name of the product that solar sheet, battery, app, and network communication are combined and also the name of the system/service using the item.

Everywhere Generator, Everywhere Storage

We have a variety of low/high-capacity batteries for use.
Best combination of battery unit can be proposed for needs.